Is Your Diet Stuck In The Past? Join Our KETO 6 WEEK SHRED & CHALLENGE!

As a KETO challenge participant you may LOVE some of the awesome stuff KETO can do for you: 

✅Fat Loss - You WANT Fat loss. Not just weight loss. Fat loss is WAY better than simply losing weight. Fat loss will help you TONE your body while achieving optimal health. 

✅Cognitive Enhancement - Higher mental clarity and better focus for becoming more productive in your day. If you suffer from migraines, studies on KETO has been shown to dramatically reduce and elminate debilitating headaches.

Increased Energy Levels

I'm Jenn & I'm the owner and founder of DYB and Crave It. I've lost 120+ pounds and I'll be co-leading our KETO 6 week shred challenge

Reduce Swelling and Inflammation 

Heals Your Gut - Improves digestion, reduces painful bloating and gas, and reduces acid reflux

Hormone Balancing - Has been shown to help balance and regulate a woman's hormones during menstral cycle and reduce symptoms of PCOS

6 meal plans. 6 challenges. 6 weeks to revive your health.

Included in your 6 KETO Shred Challenge

Best Body Bootcamp

Never worked out before? No problem. When I was 247 pounds, I hadn't either. 

I got you! 

We've got everything from written workout guides from home, workout challenges (via video) and if you are more of an intermediate work-out lover, then you can follow along my in the gym workouts. 

Working out alongside your KETO plan easy! 

Our wokouts start with only a 10 minute a day commitment. At home. Or while On The Go

Product Box & Meal Plan Maker 

The Product Box : 

Following a KETO diet has never been easier. 

Think we just give you a meal plan and walk away? ... 

Guess again! 

This entire shred is fully guided WITH an incredible box of products that will make your KETO shred life easy and delicious.

3 Day Cleanse System includes our Metabolising, Gut Healing and Detox blends

✅ A Gourmet Seasoning Set that includes everything you need to follow our meal plans over 6 weeks to help you prepare and enjoy meals throughout your entire KETO shred

✅ A set of KETO improved Indulgent mixes. Culinary delights like KETO approved brownies, donuts and pizza can be enjoyed throughout your 6 weeks. We have carefully formulated each of our mixes to keep you in KETO but appeal to your sweet tooth. These mixes will keep you on plan and keep your cravings in check. Remember, we give you all the dry mixes and you add the wet. Our Indulgences are not only simple to make (in less than 10 minutes to the oven in most cases) but are freezable and can be popped out of the freezer at any time to be enjoyed

✅ A set of easy one pot meal mixes for the slow cooker, the skillet or the oven. We know time is of the essence. No need to spend hours in the kitchen. Just dump and go. 

The Meal Plan :  

✅Includes a 3 day cleanse and detox to help rapidly heal your gut, detox from sugar and get your body ready for ketosis.  

✅Each week during your KETO Challenge we will send you a Meal Plan Maker for the week. A full 7 days of meals. Easy Meals. Meals you will LOVE and ENJOY! 

An example of Some of the KETO meals we're cookin' up as part of our KETO meal plan. We like the #unboring way so you actually forget you are shredding fat at the same time as enjoying THESE meals

💯Tex Mex Casserole

💯Cowgirl Chili 

💯Chicken Bac'N Ranchero Casserole

💯Oodles of zoodles

💯Tasty Chees'N Taco shell cups

... and MORE! 

Got dietary restrictions? No problem! We've giving TONS of swap ideas for things like fish, vegetarian, vegan needs.  

Still don't see something you love? Guess what, we're only an email away! We CAN help you swap foods! So if broccoli isn't your thing and you can't imagine gagging it down, then please email us so that we can give you swaps you'll love to enjoy. 

Dining out E-Guide

Oh no! You are on your shred and you are supposed to go out to eat


Do you ... cancel your plans? Avoid the invitation? Say No? Panic? or eat off plan?

Nope .. none of those ..

We have an easy 14 point eat out guide that will help you navigate the dine-out dilemma. We solve your eating out worries so you can enjoy your friends, family and 'out of the house' event plans but still stay on your KETO shred

Your Post Shred System File 

With your 6 weeks over, you're pretty proud of yourself!

You've shedded 10, 15 or even 20 pounds of weight and more importantly dropped those important fat pounds.

You're full of extra energy

You feel great. Your workouts are going well. 

And now we're done. Now what?

We don't just leave you in the dust. We have carefully crafted a 4 week POST SHRED file for you to follow to help you re-integrate other foods into your diet without blowing the last weeks of shred all away. 

We will be with you for an additional 4 weeks with extra weekly Post shred tips and tricks, workouts and post shred systems to help you navigate your health beyond the 6 weeks. 

We help you MAINTAIN your SUCCESS!  

Let's. Be. Social.

It's so much more fun when you can do this with other people. 

Each week I will host an Ask.Me.Anything call. Get all your questions answered

Get tips and tricks each with from me

And an update to our leaderboard!

That's right! We're going to play a few games, have a couple challenges and make this FUN! 

After-all dieting shouldn't be boring or hard and you definitely shouldn't have to do it alone. 

So let's get social!

Ready for the  Keto & 6 Week Shred Challenge?

I can't wait to help your inner awesome. Contact your Do You Bake? and Crave It ambassador TODAY to get enrolled. Enrollment ONLY open through 8/16. 

Shred begins on 9/4. Limited space during our BETA Shred


Who's behind this challenge?


Owner & founder of DYB and Crave It. My brands and products were born from my experience and continue to evolve based upon what our customers and ambassadors need, want and love. 

I have lost over 120 pounds naturally over the course of 2 years. 

Matthew (shown to the right)

My co-lead in our 6 week KETO shred challenge also has lost over 150 pounds naturally, through diet and exercise. Registered Fitness pro, and fitness fanatic offers the male point of view when it comes to losing weight, working out and building muscle. 

Once a footballer, playing football for Michigan State his knowledge extends beyond just the gym and his experience also lies in performance based exercise. 

Matthew Before and After